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Basic DNA Q&A

Advanced DNA

What is it about?

The ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA training is the second part of a total of 3 parts of the foundational training in Theta Healing. You will deepen your acquired knowledge from the ThetaHealing® - Basic DNA trainingand learn further techniques to change for the better both your life and the lives of others.

What are you learning exactly?

  • Focal points of the ThetaHealing® - Advanced DNA training are:

  • 1.) You learn faith work Note: what does “faith work” mean?, improve your knowledge of “downloads” and learn through various exercises how to distinguish the different levels of existence and the knowledge in each level, all of which  builds on the foundation created in the  ThetaHealing - Basic DNA training.

  • 2.) You will receive hundreds of "downloads" of positive programmes for empowerment, self-healing and development. You will learn how to use such "downloads" for yourself and others.

  • 3.) You will learn how to dissolve negative programmes that are stored in the cells or on one of the four levels of your being and that block you in your present life, such as fear, anger, rejection, regret, sadness, resentment and hatred, among others.   By becoming free of the limitations created by such feelings, you become free of old (and often unconscious) attachments; you create space for new feelings and possibilities; you can change your life faster in the desired direction; you can create the space and place for happiness and success in your life; and you can shape your life more and more consciously and freely yourself.
    In particular you will learn:

  • A deeper understanding of the 7 levels or planes of existence

  • To communicate with your "higher self”

  • To find, recognize, and dissolve obstructive beliefs

  • To give beautiful “downloads”

  • To release blockages that prevent you from communicating and working with the 7th level

  • To dissolve obstructive soul contracts, oaths, vows, oaths, promises and curses (often from other lives)

  • To work on traumas (incuding pre-natal) and erase them on the level of cellular memory

  • To heal and transform a sad heart

  • To healing and transform a damaged soul

  • To communicate with your ancestors

  • How the "healing of the baby in the womb" works

  • To clear and clean rooms and places energetically

  • To communicate with plants and animals

  •  ... and much more.

    The ThetaHealing® - Advanced training also gives you the opportunity to practice extensively so that you become more and more confident in using this powerful technique, and in coming to more fully trust yourself and your intuition.

When and where?

Duration: 3 days, each from 10am-6pm

You will receive

  • The Theta Healing®️ Basic Seminar Book, "The Advanced Theta Healing," by Vianna Stibal 

  • Tea & snacks during the small breaks.

  • Certification: At the end of the course you will receive a certificate from Vianna Stibal's THInK Institute of Knowledge.  This allows you to practice as a certified Theta Healing®️ practitioner in the category you have acquired, if you wish. You can use Theta Healing® for yourself and/or other people.  


ThetaHealing® - DNA Basic

Energy balancing

€ 510 full price, payment in installments possible

Repeaters pay half the price

Get to know me

If you wish to get to know me better, please have a look at the video below

Loving hint

Legal notice

Loving hint

If possible, keep the evenings free as experience shows these will be 3 rich and intensive days

The ThetaHealing® technique does not replace diagnoses or treatments by doctors or alternative practitioners. No promise of healing is made. ThetaHealing® as a method of energetic-spiritual healing serves to activate the self-healing powers, promotes healing in a holistic sense, and supports people in the self-determined shaping of their lives. Liability for passing on the method and itsits contents, as well as the transfer of knowledge, is excluded.  This training does not guarantee particular results in terms of treatment.  

Would you rather watch than read? Here is the video:

* ThetaHealing® and ThetaHealer® are registered trademarks of THInK:

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