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My first career aspiration was already clear at the age of 5: enthusiastically, I wanted to be a dove of peace with all my heart.


To my childish disappointment, life soon enlightened me that this was not a profession, but taught me in various, often surprising ways that there are many different ways to implement it. That's how I got to know the ThetaHealing®* technique in 2008 in Los Angeles. In 2009 I completed my training in ThetaHealing® with Karen Abrams in Los Angeles and then with Vianna Stibal, the founder of the technique, in London and Switzerland.


In addition to my work as a Theta Healing® practitioner, coach and family constellator, I am also a passionate actress. How does that fit together? Ultimately amazingly simple: for me, the focus is always on people. Ever since I was little, people have interested and fascinated me with their diversity and complexity, their ups and downs, their wounds and healing processes and their discovered and (yet) undiscovered potential.


ThetaHealing® goes incredibly deep, is straight to the point, so close to the inner truth, pure, true, and at the same time everything happens with so much ease, humor and warmth. The ThetaHealing® technique is a great tool that can be used in many ways and for all areas of life and is ideal in the process of "arriving back with yourself and your size".


I am thrilled and touched by how wonderfully life puts all the pieces of the puzzle together in its own unique way. Because for me, the work as an artist and as a coach is a mutually beneficial and inspiring interaction, whereby each of these complementary elements also clearly stands for itself.


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