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Basic DNA Q&A

Basic DNA 

What is it about?

In the ThetaHealing® Basic DNA training you will be introduced to the basic techniques of ThetaHealing® and its philosophy.  You will learn to enter the Theta state and to connect with the creator of all that is, the so-called 7th and highest plane of existence, to communicate with it, and to initiate desired changes. One of the fundamental elements of the Basic DNA training is to detect limiting beliefs, programmes and feelings, to remove or resolve them, and finally to replace them with positive beliefs, programmes and feelings. But there is much more waiting for you to give your life more and more the direction you want in co-creation with the universal life force and in the exercise of free will. 

Wann und wo?

Energy balancing

€ 510 full price, payment in installments possible

Repeaters pay half the price.


The ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Course does not require any prerequisites.

Just bring yourself, your curiosity, joy, openness and patience.

Get to know me

Get to know me better in the video below

Loving hint

If possible, keep the evenings free as experience shows these will be 3 rich and intensive days

Legal notice

The ThetaHealing® technique does not replace diagnoses or treatments by doctors or alternative practitioners. No promise of healing is made. ThetaHealing® as a method of energetic-spiritual healing serves to activate the self-healing powers, promotes healing in a holistic sense, and supports people in the self-determined shaping of their lives. Liability for passing on the method and itsits contents, as well as the transfer of knowledge, is excluded.  This training does not guarantee particular results in terms of treatment

Loving hint

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