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Healing Meditaion

How does the healing-meditation work?

Healing-meditation is a beautiful combination of meditation and healing:

I connect myself with the universal life force with the help of the ThetaHealing® technique. From that point on the universal life force guides me. 

I hold a protected, safe space for the healing-meditation. All you have to do is to make sure that you are in a quiet space, relax and let yourself be guided. Each healing-meditation is different, depending on what the group needs in that specific moment. For example, we can be guided to receive healing energies as a group, or a specific healing energy might be addressed to each person individually, or we might be guided to spread our light into the world to heal situations, people, animals or plants. 

Your free will is always respected: you can decide for yourself at any time whether you receive, accept or send energies.

Each healing-meditation is a wonderful journey, with surprises and gifts from the universe. Both, for the group and each  person participating. It is always a joy! The energies also work in the replay!

See how a healing meditation works in the video at the bottom of the page - or join in right away and receive the valuable downloads.

Where and when

On special astrological and/or energetic days, I offer this unique group healing and meditation. 
You can decide individually if you want to participate in the healing meditations live or watch the recording afterwards.

The next healing meditation will be on Tuesday 02/212/22 at 8pm-10pm CET.

This day - the six twos day or Mirror date - brings an incredibly strong energetic flow. Let yourself be taken through a guided journey and use the energies to release, change and manifest the things you wish for.


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Energetic exchange

The healing meditations are my gift to the world and the people to create a better place for us here. 


Even though I don't expect it, I am of course very happy if you would like to support my work and me with a donation: 


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I will be happy if you join me!

Free Welcome Gift

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In addition, you will receive three mini-meditations on the topics of nature, heart connection as well as energetic download as a gift!

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"I was definitely feeling a connection. And every time I experienced something special, Dagmar would mention the exact thing I felt. It opened my mind Even wider to the consciousness that we are all connected far more than we know. The timing of the meditations were well chosen, Dagmar has a big heart and I totally recommend it to everyone."

- Damian Krajczyk

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